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Daily Download

Only 2 today.

2007 chose by admiralmemo Connected -Talla 2XLC Remix- Sung by Ayumi Hamasaki. I know alot of people who don't like her, but I like her unique voice. This is a remix and as for a remix, it is a slow remix, yet very enjoyable.

42 chose by glitteringloke Thank You!!! Sung by Home Made Kazoku. They remind me A LOT of SOUL'd OUT. I really enjoy this song, though if you listen to it, you might think it is SOUL'd OUT, but it isn't. I Really enjoy this group. This is also the 2nd OP to Bleach.

EDIT: Got a 3rd one

7032 chose by momo_kun Love You Anymore Sung by w-inds. It sounds kinda like "Don't Want You Back" by BSB, but yet it is orginal, I really like w-inds. and if not for my boyfriend, Matt, I probably wouldn't be a fan.
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