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My friends Christy and Kathy are here from NH for a week, we are gonna have such a great time!!!!!!

Kathy made me a surprise costume, and at AB (Anime Boston) I'm totally gonna wear it, that costume is.. Drum Roll please.. Lucas Clyne from Gundam Seed/Seed Destiny!!!! I will post pictures of me in the costume soon, it need a few more alterations. Omg I'm so excited to be Lucas <3 They even made me a Haro <3 OMG So excited!!!!

We are going to go King of Prussia today, it will be the awesome!!!! More fun posts to come. I'm so excited that they are here!!!!!! YAY!!! *grooves*

and cus I'm a major dork I made 2 new icons just credit me if you use them <3

caption reads : *wink wink, nudge nudge*

So there ya go.. I need a good screen cap of Athrun slapping Shin so I can make a *bitch slap* icon >>
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