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July 8th 2017

Hi LJ-Ville~ :) Another update by yours truly.

Went to see Spider-Man Homecoming and left a true member of #TeamSpiderMan. I can't even with that kid. He's too precious. After wards the hubs and I went to the Malls around the area. I got two things at OLD NAVY and we both caught the Pikachu with Ash's hat as part of the Pokemon Go Anniversary thingie. It's too cute.

I finished the book I wanted to finish. I really do wanna lead where Jesus asks. I pray for his guidance daily. I need him every single second of the day. I'm blessed to have these books in my life so I can grow.

I started some manga. Now I plan to do an edit, and probably finish up My Little Monster Anime and check out some others. ^__^ I've truly missed this world.


Tags: #teamspiderman
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