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Things are starting to look up. A bit of sadness today as my anxiety and overthinking become one again. Overall I'm okay. I helped teach the little ones in Sunday School. It's amazing to see them figure out whose reading what verses as they all want to ready! I'm proud of them. Today will be more SPN with Yasmin, more of reading Come with me by Suzane Eller, and then finish Kyou, koi wa Hajiemasu <3 I'll probably check Crunchyroll to see what's on and have another chill day, along with fireworks tonight with my mother in law as my husband is lame and won't go OTL.

That's if for today~ time to check tumblr and begin reading til its time for SPN with Yasmin <3
Tags: anime, chill, come with me, fireworks, kyou koi wa hajimemasu, minami kanan, reading, suzanne eller
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