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[Daily Download]

997chose bymomo_kun You Get to Burning || Nadesico OP ||

Classic Anime song, it is really good too, I enjoy it everytime I hear it It makes for a happy time

1234 sakumaryuichi31 Treasure ~Madoagiwa ni Aru Fuukei~ || Kaida Yuki as Fuji Syusuke || Prince of Tennis ||

Seriously what is it with us and PoT lol. And you even get a Fuji song. It is a very relaxing and chillaxing kind of song, just something to enjoy.Very mellow and peaceful.

1957pink_sakura82 || Hurricane Riri, Boston Mari [Live Version] || AAA ||

I'm new AAA I will admit that, but with everything I hear, I'm happy, they are really Amazing. Though I'm sure Kristi and her Jackie could some up a better review of this song. But I enjoy it, it is a chillax kinda song too even if it is the live version.
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