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[Anime Update] They Year of Jun Fukuyama XD

well because I have pictures and such my post is going behind a cut, Only read if you want to know about what I'm watching this season <3 A few of the ones I'm watiing for haven't been relased subbed so once they are I'll post about them <3

First I have to start with

Code Geass: R2

I use Lulu has my picture because I made him look mega sexy in this picture *__*! This series is so AWESOME I can't stop loving it. The characters are still awesome, even some of the new ones. But I still like the main cast. I want more though, I really want to where Nanaly is, How the first meeting between Suzaku and Lulu is going to go this season, and I just want to see more of Midorikawa's character, I'm so happy to hear his voice in something again <3 But yes, This series is on my list.. I don't think I could ever get bored with it. Lulu is of course voiced by Jun Fukuyama

Next I have

Vampire Knight

We the night class is so pretty. I think the anime is going to be a bit differet from the manga, a few things were different in the first episode, but I enjoyed it. Plus I'm totally in love with...

AIDO.. He is just so full of awesome.. I enjoy him to no end. In the manga I thought it he was cute, but seeing him brought to life with the voice talent of Jun Fukuyama I'm in LOVE..

But back to the series, I really like, some of the voices I'm like O_o;; LIKE WHY REPLACE KOYASU!!! he was the only one who didn't get his character from the Drama CD where has everyone else did... Oh Chairman Cross your just not the same without cracky Koyasu -dies a lil inside-

Back to the anime! Humans + Vampires = Crazy go nuts school, but very sexy Vampires I want bit one of them -le sigh-

Next is one I thought I wouldn't like but I took a change last week

Bus Gamer

TOKI I LOVE YOU AND WANT YOUR BABIES <333 Plus he is voiced by my favorite Seiyuu Suzumura Kenichi After the first episdoe I'm really hooked, I love SuzuKens deep sexy voice for Toki, it reminds me of Kai from the Honey x Honey Drops drama CD's and anime.. he is just so awesome. But yes the series is about street fighting bascially only your in for ALOT of money.. and finding discs I think.. But anyway, I really like this series so far.. Yay SuzuKen I love you and your babies too >>;;;;;;;;;;

No JunFuku isn't in this series sadly

Lastly Anime Wise that I've seen so for [remember more is to come]

Macross Frontier

So far I REALLY LIKE it.. I'm a big Macross Fan and I squeaked when they remembered Hikau, Misa, Minmay, and Roy [I don't know his Japanese name sadly] X_X but the new things about the new episode are really good, I can't wait to see where they are going, plus I love the mechs, Macross is fun that way ^_^V And the first ending is the new singer Sheryl singing Minmay's song she sang during the Zentradi Battle "Do You Remember Love" that is 3 people now that sing that song, Minmay being the first, Meylene being 2 and now Sheryl! that song is so pretty. I like the character designs too. Not to mention the voices, yet again it is a series with Jun Fukuyama

For anime that is what I've seen so far and LOVE... There is more to come once I see the other ones I need to subbed ^_^ Not to mention the dramas once those start I will have a post on them too!
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