Manda, Ayu, Manda-chu, Ayu-chan (bobatealuvr) wrote,
Manda, Ayu, Manda-chu, Ayu-chan

Friends Only

+ I am a nice person
+ We share share at least 1 thing in common for me to add you back +
+ I share manga +
+ I have a Daily Download where I let friends of my LJ choose a number and that song gets uploaded +
+ I have many different fandoms, don't flame me for them +
+ HUGE Shoujo fan, even better if that Shoujo has some SMUT +
+ HUGE fan of Mayu Shinjo and Minami Kanan, their smut is AWESOME and so pretty +
+ OBSESSED with Suzumura Kenichi +

Everyone already on my FList is still there, This is just me looking for new recruits to my journal <3

+ Comment to be ADDED +
Tags: friends only
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