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Okies for those that joined my journal that were part of ShoujoSugarSmut, I'm sorry, I really have no idea what happened to the site, if anyone wants to work with me to make another community, we can do that, I finally got permission from my bf to use his computer to upload and work on things for those I abondened, I'm truley sorry. So today, I'm uploading, so look for an update tomorrow at my journal, I'll post all HanaKimi, Ichigo Channel, Snow Drop, Love Monster (that is out), Marmalade Boy (+ That surprise I was talking about), and others.. So please look forward to that tomorrow.

Again I'm truly sorry for those that loved that site, I really don't know what happened, but I will upload things to this journal, unless others want to help me make another site ^_^!! I'm happy that Matt is letting me use his computer, FINALLY though buy mid October, I should have my computer back, so everyone I'm gonna upload on Matt's computer til then.

~goes to upload~
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