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I should be back soon, I'm going home this weekend, but when I get back I should get the peice I need for my computer soon.

Tama, is there a reason, I'm not even a member of the community? I'm coming back soon, in fact I was going to upload things tomorrow from my bfs computer to get some things up. I know, right now, your probably mad as I can't help out, it isn't my fault though.. ;-; I still want to be a member so can I be added so I can finally upload things tomorrow? I promise I will, I am going to upload alot of what I needed to, before things got crazy, and the computer died X___X;;;;

I hate not being online, so hopefully soon I'll be back, Hope you all don't miss me to much, Just DON'T DELETE ME from your journals, I will be coming back I swear!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: le sigh
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