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Forever Dreaming
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10th-Jul-2017 10:30 am(no subject)
FMwS - Mero - sad
Being lost in your thoughts is the worst.
8th-Jul-2017 05:47 pm - July 8th 2017
KP - Atsuro - Squee
Hi LJ-Ville~ :) Another update by yours truly.

Went to see Spider-Man Homecoming and left a true member of #TeamSpiderMan. I can't even with that kid. He's too precious. After wards the hubs and I went to the Malls around the area. I got two things at OLD NAVY and we both caught the Pikachu with Ash's hat as part of the Pokemon Go Anniversary thingie. It's too cute.

I finished the book I wanted to finish. I really do wanna lead where Jesus asks. I pray for his guidance daily. I need him every single second of the day. I'm blessed to have these books in my life so I can grow.

I started some manga. Now I plan to do an edit, and probably finish up My Little Monster Anime and check out some others. ^__^ I've truly missed this world.


7th-Jul-2017 08:32 pm - weekend is here!
KaikanPhrase - Atsuro - KAWAII
Yay the weekend is here!

Goals for the weekend

* Finish Come With Me by Suzanne Eller
* Maybe post another edit on tumblr
* Read some Shoujo
* Figure out what image to color next

What I've done so far,

* Made a Sano x Mizuki Edit (https://shoujoboba.tumblr.com/post/162725885501/favorite-couples-in-shoujo-edit-1-sano)

Now to enjoy some more anime, and on wards to see Spider Man Homecoming tomorrow~

I'm loving getting into editing again. Well good night for now!

6th-Jul-2017 09:23 am - July 6th
Ravi - Just Kidding
It's chilly today in New Jersey. I'm at work. I'd rather be home snuggled in a blanket reading the books and manga I want to read. OTL I made a new icon yesterday it re-kindled my love coloring manga images. I'm learning so much about who I use to be and how much I missed out on. Never Again.

Well, must get back to work. Have a blessed day all

3rd-Jul-2017 02:29 pm - Monday July 3rd
KaikanPhrase - Atsuro - KAWAII
Well, today has gone well. Got dressed kinda cute and went out with my husband a bit. Bought a manga I've been wanting to for a long time. Had a light lunch when I came back and watched something on TV I hadn't watched since I saw it with my grandma years ago. It was nice.

Since I've gotten back into Manga, I've read

* Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu

And i started reading

* Hibi Chou Chou
* Tsubaki-chou lonely planet

I'm just in love with Shoujo all over again, the good ole days are returning and I'm loving that I'm becoming me again. Sometimes I get depressed when I think about the old days but this makes me feel nostalgic, so it's okay to feel a little sad. Things change, people change and life happens. I'm just glad anime / manga have found their way back to me.

Well I don't know what's happening the rest of the day but I know there are things I need to do before I become bogged down with work again.

Have a great day all!

2nd-Jul-2017 11:02 am - Sunday!
KaikanPhrase - Atsuro - KAWAII
Things are starting to look up. A bit of sadness today as my anxiety and overthinking become one again. Overall I'm okay. I helped teach the little ones in Sunday School. It's amazing to see them figure out whose reading what verses as they all want to ready! I'm proud of them. Today will be more SPN with Yasmin, more of reading Come with me by Suzane Eller, and then finish Kyou, koi wa Hajiemasu <3 I'll probably check Crunchyroll to see what's on and have another chill day, along with fireworks tonight with my mother in law as my husband is lame and won't go OTL.

That's if for today~ time to check tumblr and begin reading til its time for SPN with Yasmin <3
1st-Jul-2017 01:40 pm - July 1
KaikanPhrase - Atsuro - KAWAII
Happy July everyone! The time of the year I listen to Christmas music again as I celebrate Christmas in July in my brain ♡

Today has been great, enjoying the summer rain, reading manga, reading my christian books, listening to music, watching SPN with a friend and getting caught up. I'm really enjoying the relaxing and drinking cold brew coffee~ :)

New tumblr was made and working out the kinks and finding blogs to follow.
30th-Jun-2017 02:45 pm - cleaning
KaikanPhrase - Atsuro - KAWAII
When you're cleaning and rocking out to your iPod and old Jpop / anime / drama / rp muse music starts to play and singing at the top of your lungs cleaning away and you just can't wipe that smile off your face as you remember the old says and just continue rocking out loving every minute of it. It's legit time to get back into anime / manga. It's legit time to not be afraid of making friends due to past hurts. It's time to let the love out <3

Also new tumblr is coming soon too. I'm just so happy right now :D

How fitting after I finish writing this Chris Tomlin's 'Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) comes on~ Thank you Father for being so faithful <3
30th-Jun-2017 08:21 am - weekend here I come
KaikanPhrase - Atsuro - KAWAII
Just gotta get through my mini work day then its home to rest and relax until next Wednesday. Doing laundry after work so I don't have to bother with it later this weekend!

Time to get the day in gear. Have a blessed day!
1st-May-2008 02:20 pm(no subject)
KaikanPhrase - Atsuro - KAWAII
Bored at work spam me
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